The Law Office of Michael Drezin
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Michael Who?

My name is Michael Drezin. A lot of my clients get the last name wrong cause they done't use it much.

I've lived in the  Bronx  since birth, still  live here and have practiced  here since

Fresh out of law school, I spent five years taking the 2 train into the City. On most days, as was the fashion, I wore a vested blue suit, white shirt, and a red tie.
I was assistant to some of the profession's best-the stars of the day. Lawyers who won multi-million-dollar verdicts at a time when they were as rare as a summer snowflakes.  Lawyers who taught me how they did it.

I moved on to the insurance companies where I gained experience on cases of my own. I began on the fender benders. Then one day a friend referred a case so big it kept me up at night. But it went well and with the money I earned, I opened
my own office.

How Should A Lawver Conduct Himself!'

When I thought about what it should be like, and what I should be like, the country doctor came to mind. Honest. Plain talking. Trusted by the town folk to do his level best.

Before law, as a student of journalism, I learned a specialized form of writing. And so it happened my lawsuits became as deadly as guided missiles. No one on the receiving end has called to say, "Thanks."

I've been on staff at the NYS Assembly, the NY City Council, a Yankee's funded charity and a Bronx Democratic Party parliamentarian. My cases have  been written about in the New York Times. Post, Daily News. El Diario, The Village Voice, The New York Law Journal, and textbooks for lawyers. I've been on TV and radio.

Nice as that might be, the question is: What can I do for you?

Legal problem? Let's talk it over. No charge for that. Leave relieved.