Words will never express my gratitude for your outstanding representation! While I have what should be a “simple” family law case addressing custody, visitation and support issues, my ex has a different perspective. Steve and his amazing team have been a protective barrier for all the harassment and nonsense. They keep me informed and act swiftly on my behalf. When issues came up at the end of the day on a Friday, Steve is on top of it and has even called me over the weekend to assist. My case is not about someone "winning" and Steve and his team always keep that in perspective for me. I respect his integrity and that while Steve is my attorney, he keeps our son's best interest in mind at all times. Thank you

Walter Leonard

Dear Mr Drezin,
At this time of the year when we all connect in heart and spirit, I write this letter to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for your help and advice you provided me in times of need, when I was lost. And I am so happy to know that there are still good people out there that truly care and support each other such as you did to me when I needed help the most.

Lanny Millard

Michael Drezin is truly an advocate and defender of the preservation of property rights. He is knowledgeable, and in our opinion, as experienced an attorney one could hope for in this field.

Claudia Rufina

After my accident, I didn’t know what to expect or what I was getting into. The Law Offices of Michael Drezin understood and put everything in layman’s terms of what I could expect. They really went the extra mile for me and provided a favorable outcome I was very pleased with. I give them two thumbs up!

Adrianna Vince

Michael Drezin is without a doubt one of the best corporate law attorney I personally had a chance to deal with. He is that perfect combination of a beautiful strategic mind, focus and attention to detail in achieving real results. Mr.Drezin did an exceptional job in representing me. He was very professional, had outstanding knowledge and great communication skills. I was extremely grateful and pleased for all his hard work and dedication. Michael Drezin walked me through the process with amazing expertise and heartfelt compassion. I am sure he was involved with other cases, but I never once felt that I wasn't his top priority. He fought for me all the way through until my case was completely dismissed. Michael was always easy to reach by phone or email, and kept me informed on how things were progressing. I would highly recommend the services of Michael Drezin to anyone seeking legal services.

Amando Macario

Michael Drezin did a wonderful job representing us in our case. He assembled an amazing team of experts and was able to get us a very fair settlement in our jury trial. We greatly appreciate him and his team and him in great esteem.

Dominick Ronda

He is not only a fellow attorney in the community, but he has acted as a lawyer for me and members of my family. Michael exhibits unmatched professionalism and cares deeply about the needs of his clients. He delivers top notch service. I consider Michael to be an example of what a true professional should be. In my own practice, I aspire to serve my clients as well as Michael serves his. Anyone looking for an excellent corporate attorney would be well-served to retain Michael."

Marcie Alton

Michael Drezin made me feel protected, like they always had my back. I was particularly impressed with the amount of work they put in my case – they fought hard for me.

Da'vante Moss

If you’re injured and want a lawyer who will listen and make a plan based on your needs, I recommend going to The Law Offices of Michael Drezin. They were wonderful – I really loved them. I received excellent service throughout my case, and I’ve already referred others to them.

Daphne Abraham